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Water Supply Study Kladanj

Kladanj Municipality lies in the Drinjaca river valley along the Zupanja-Tuzla-Sarajevo road in  Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

This report has four main objectives: 1) provide a current situation analysis of the water ... full view »


Inclusive Development Social Survey in Jablanicki and Pcinjski Districts

This survey was conducted during October and November 2010 to analyse the situation in the field of migration, youth and inter-ethnic relations and to provide data for the evaluation of the Peacebuilding and Inclusive Social Development ... full view »


Return and Development- Increasing the developmental impact of return migration in South Serbia UN Joint

For several years, Serbia has been faced with considerable flows of return migration. Even though empirical evidence from other countries indicates that returnees can have a positive impact on their home countries’ development, return ... full view »


Urban Safety Strategy Formulation Guidelines

This document provides a framework from which to develop appropriate guidelines for an urban safety strategy. It also helps identify important factors necessary for the success of any program, such as how to choose appropriate stakeholders and ... full view »


My child no longer eats sand Mauritania, Aid and Global Battle against Child Malnutrition

This publication outlines some of the success that several joint initiatives have had in fighting malnutrition in Mauritania that should be replicated elsewhere in the region and demonstrates the impact of quality aid, coordinated between the ... full view »

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Best Practices and lessons learned. Joint programme on Children, Nutrition and Food Security

Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places for a child to be born. Its mortality rate for children younger than 5 years is ranked second in the world. Twenty five percent of children die before reaching their fifth birthday and more than ... full view »