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Functional Adult Literacy Programme

This manual equips literacy trainers with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to train and facilitate literacy learning to adults. It is designed as a 2 week course with 10 main objectives and provides insight into how adults learn and ... full view »


Occupational Skills 2011

This survey was aimed at identifying the economic sectors, occupations and skills most demanded by enterprises in South Serbia. It identified micro and small size enterprises as the most dynamic sectors in the medium term and noted that a ... full view »


The Serbian Diaspora and Youth: Cross-Border Ties and Opportunities for Development

The Republic of Serbia has traditionally been a country of emigration for economic and political reasons and is also well known for its intellectual and highly skilled diaspora abroad.This paper, produced by the International Organization for ... full view »


Impact of the Financial Crisis on the Labor Market and Living Conditions Outcomes

This study provides an in depth analysis of the Serbian labor market in the pre-crisis and post-crisis years. The global financial crisis of 2008-2009 impacted nations across the world and this document details how the crisis unfolded in ... full view »


Good Practices in Providing Integrated Employment and Social Services in Central and Eastern Europe

This study focuses on strengthening and improving the position of vulnerable groups of unemployed youth by implementing coordinated and integrated social, employment and educational services. It presents an extensively researched pilot model ... full view »


Report on the Migration Trend and the Status of Rights Protection of Domestic Workers

This report provides an overview of the characteristics of the domestic services industry in China and analyses the results of over 3000 questionnaires and interviews in 3 cities. The goals were to identify the challenges confronting the ... full view »


Review report on the current situation of social services for young migrants

This report provides an overview of a project aimed at strengthening the capacity of the existing social service institutions in China so that rural-urban migrants could be trained to have better employment, their rights and interests could be ... full view »


Design and Testing of Health Promotion Model to Promote Use of Appropriate Health Services by Migrant Youth

This survey is part of a programme to protect the rights of vulnerable young migrants protected through improved access to social and labour protection. This baseline survey will help shed light on the access to health information and services ... full view »


Research Report on Migrant Workers in High-risk Industry

This report is a result of a survey in the four Chinese cities of Hangzhou, Tianjin City, Jiaozua and Cangzhou. Nearly 1,000 questionnaires were received and more than 100 interviews were conducted with department leaders who are familiar with ... full view »


Voices of Youth, Survey on Youth in BiH Quantitative Research Findings

The Voices of Youth survey was carried out in 2012 within the UN Youth Employability and Retention Programme. The purpose of this project has been to conduct a survey that can serve as a baseline for the development of more adequate youth ... full view »