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Implementation Guidelines for MDG Achievement Fund Joint Programmes

The following MDG-F guidelines were drafted in response to the demand from UN participating organizations and their national counterparts, to consolidate experiences on joint programmes and provide guidance on joint programmes and ... full view »


An Evidence-based Review of MDG-F Experiences to Date: A Contribution to the QCPR Process

This document was prepared by the MDG-F in 2012 to systemize its experience to date in joint programming and implementation through its 130 joint programmes in 50 countries across five regions in eight thematic areas. The document includes ... full view »


Joint Programming. A Training Guide

This tool was developed to offer a practical guide for the design, monitoring and evaluation of joint programmes of the United Nations on youth, employment and migration, but can be also helpful for joint programmes in other thematic areas. It ... full view »


From Global Agenda To National Action

The purpose of this publication is to review and highlight the effectiveness of the MDG Achievement Fund (MDG-F) as a development cooperation mechanism. The MDG-F focuses on three features that distinguish it from other international ... full view »


Making Joint Gender Programmes Work. Guide for design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

This guide sets out how to improve the design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of joint gender programmes (JPG). It helps address some of the less tangible areas that are often constraints to JGP success, such as power dynamics ... full view »


The Value added of Joint Gender Programmes. Findings and recommendations to the wider community of UN agencies engaging in joint programming

This paper provides an overview and an analysis of joint gender programmes funded through the MDG-F Gender Equality window that are linked to the achievement of MDG3: Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women.

The primary ... full view »


A Snapshot of Views and Experiences Piloting new Development Approaches through the MDG Achievement Fund in Ethiopia

With double-digit economic growth and significant human development leaps recorded over the past decade, Ethiopia is clearly a country on the move. Yet, the vast majority of people (80%) still live in isolated rural areas and are largely ... full view »