Reconstruction of three religious monuments - symbols of multiculturalism supported by MDGF Culture and Development Programme


Yuri Afanasiev, Resident Coordinator, United Nations, Minister Sredoje Nović, Ministry of Civil Affairs, BiH, Minister Anton Kasipović, Ministry of Education and Culture, RS Minister Gavrilo Grahovac, Ministryof Culture and Sports, FBiH, Mufti of Banja Luka, Edhem (efendija) Čamdžić, Bishop of Eparchy Zahumlje – Herzegovina and Primorje Grigorije, Provincial of Bosna Srebrena, Fra Loro Gavran and representatives of UN agencies Siniša Šešum, Senior Programme Officer, UNESCO, Anne-Claire Dufay, Deputy Representative, UNICEF and Armin Sirčo, Assistant Resident Representative, UNDP signed today the Memorandum of Understanding that provides framework for support in reconstruction of three valuable cultural heritage sites of Bosnia and Herzegovina as powerful symbols of multiculturalism and diversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These are Ferhadija Mosque of Banja Luka , the Orthodox Cathedral of Mostar and Franciscan Monastery of Plehan.

For centuries these spiritual monuments were guardians of diverse cultures and cultural expressions existing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The support to the reconstruction of these three monuments is sending the strong message to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina that the diversity of the country is valuable and must be safeguarded. The 200,000 USD allocation from UNESCO component of the joint MDGF programme is set for each of the three monuments. The UN Resident Coordinator, Mr. Afanasiev expressed intention to further strengthen efforts that will lead towards successful revitalization and development of the country including the renovation of religious monuments as prioritized by the government partners.

The MDG-F Programme Culture for Development is a three-year programme funded by the Spanish Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund which is being implemented in partnership of three UN Agencies: UNDP, UNICEF and UNESCO, in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, Ministry of Culture and Sports of FBiH, Ministry of Education and Culture of RS as well as other institutions working in the area of education and culture.

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