Capitale Phnom Penh
Population 14.4 million
Espérance de vie 62.1
L'accès à l'eau potable 65%
L'alphabétisation des adultes 73.6%
Mortalité des moins de 5 ans 54.79 per 1,000 live births
PIB par habitant $2,000

Nos Programmes conjoints

Creative Industries Support Programme
Cambodia’s tourist industry is booming, but tourism has not brought prosperity to the 5 million Cambodians who live on less than half a dollar a day. Siem Reap Province, which receives 1.5 million tourists each year, is still the second poorest province of Cambodia. The aim of this Joint Programme was to revive Cambodia’s cultural assets and create jobs, spur economic growth and reduce poverty by developing the country’s creative industries.
Joint Programme for Children, Food Security and Nutrition in Cambodia
Cambodia has made significant progress in reducing infant and child mortality, which both fell more than 60% between 2000 and 2011. However, deep social disparities exist between urban and rural areas, where poverty and child stunting and underweight remain widespread. The Joint Programme aimed at improving the nutritional status of Cambodian women and children, targeting in particular children aged 0-24 months and pregnant and lactating women.