Capital Brasilia
Población 198.7 million
Esperanza de vida 71.99
Acceso al agua potable 91%
Alfabetización de adultos 88.6%
Mortalidad de menores de 5 años 22.5 per 1,000 live births
PIB per cápita $10,200


MDGs beyond averages: Promoting Food Security and Nutrition for Indigenous Children in Brazil
Four out of ten Brazilian Indians live in extreme poverty, and more than half of indigenous children are anemic. The Joint Programme's goal was to support the government in its efforts to improve the food security and nutritional status of indigenous children in the regions of Dourados and Alto Rio Solimões.
Inter-agency Programme for the Promotion of Gender and Ethnic-Racial Equality
Brazil's strong economic growth conceals large internal disparities and inequalities, particularly with regard to women and ethnic minorities. This Joint Programme's aim was to reduce gender and racial inequity by supporting the government's work in the design, implementation and monitoring of national policies to promote equality for women and minorities. 
Security with Citizenship: preventing violence and strengthening citizenship with a focus on children, adolescents and youths in vulnerable conditions in Brazilian communities
Urban violence in Brazil’s poor neighborhoods claims thousands of young lives every year. The Joint Programme supported the government in its efforts to prevent violence and promote citizenship, following the Citizens’ Security concept. This approach is being implemented in various countries in Latin America and emphasizes the importance of adopting a multidisciplinary strategy to prevent violence, given the multi-causal roots of conflict.