Capital Havana
Población 11.4 million
Esperanza de vida 77.45
Acceso al agua potable 91%
Alfabetización de adultos 99.8%
Mortalidad de menores de 5 años 5.82 per 1,000 live births
PIB per cápita $9,500


Support for the fight against anemia in vulnerable groups in Cuba
This Joint Programme aimed to reduce the prevalence of anemia in young children and pregnant women in Cuba by assisting the government to increase the production, access to and use of foodstuffs rich in micronutrients, mainly iron. Cuba's food and nutritional surveillance systems were also targeted by the programme, which focused on the most vulnerable municipalities of the five eastern provinces and Pinar del Río.
Support for new decentralization initiatives and production stimulation in Cuba
In support of Cuba’s new initiatives to decentralize and stimulate national production, this Joint Programme helped to incorporate the private sector within municipal priorities as a catalyst for local development. Individual producers, cooperatives and the general population of five of the country’s municipalities were the main beneficiaries of the programme, which promoted increased private sector production, public-private cooperation and access to goods and services.