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Weather index insurance under CCAP

This document discusses feasibility of implementing Weather Index Based Insurance (WIBI) pilot under Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCAP) in a select few sites in Agusan del Norte, a province of Caraga region on Mindanao islands of ... full view »


Training Toolkit for Weather Index Insurance

This document discusses the methodology of designing training modules for Weather Index Based Insurance (WIBI) product under the Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCAP) in a select few sites in Agusan del Norte, a province of Caraga region on ... full view »


Implementation Process for Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture

Climate change adaptation can be considered as a socio-institutional learning process. As climate change impacts change over time, adaptation cannot be a one-off intervention, rather, it should be understood as a flexible and iterative ... full view »


Piloting and Strengthening Adaptation Capacity to Climate Change in the Zarqa River Basin

Sediments and nutrients carried by the agricultural runoff are identified as the major
source of Non-Point Source (NPS) pollution particularly in agricultural watersheds, such as
Al-Kfair. Agricultural practices such as tilling ... full view »


Study Titled: Review evidence on minimum household water security requirements for health protection

Identifying minimum water requirements for health protection is a very important concern, in particular to health authorities in Jordan, to avoid human suffering and distress. The relation between minimum water quantity and the health inside ... full view »


Adaptation to Climate Change In The Zarqa River basin. Development of policy options for adaptation to Climate Change and Integrated water resources management (IWRM)

This report summarizes the results of the second objective of the project “Review opportunities and barriers to adaptation to climate change risks” and included three major tasks: 1) Review national water strategy in Jordan, 2) ... full view »


Adaptation To Climate Change In the Zarqa River Basin. Opportunities and barriers to adaptation to climate change risks

This report’s main objective is to compile adaptation measures that are relevant to water availability and quality of water resources in the Zerqa River Basin (ZRB) that can be considered best-practices for adaptation to climate change. ... full view »


Final report on “Identify and screen adaptation measures to reduce climate change impacts on food productivity”

This study was conducted in the context of the UN/FAO activities for helping developing countries make progress towards the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These goals include reduction of poverty rates (MDG1), achieving ... full view »


Sharing Water, Sharing Benefits: Working Towards Effective Transboundary Water Resources Management

There were 276 transboundary water basins in the world at last count, covering around 45 percent of the globe’s surface. Competition often arises between stakeholders over limited water
resources and many institutions lack the ... full view »


Assessment of Direct and Indirect Impacts of Climate Change scenarios of Water Availability and Quality in the Zarqa River Basin

The Zarqa River Basin is the second main tributary to River Jordan after Yarmouk River Basin, and thus one of the most significant basins in the country with respect to its economical, social and agricultural importance. This project aimed to ... full view »