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Second Joint Programmes Synthesis Report. Review of Achievements, Lessons Learned and the Contribution Towards the MDG Targets

This report, by the Democratic Economic Governance Knowledge Management programme, provides a
synthesis overview of achievements, lessons learned and the contribution towards the MDG targets of the ... full view »


From Global Agenda To National Action

The purpose of this publication is to review and highlight the effectiveness of the MDG Achievement Fund (MDG-F) as a development cooperation mechanism. The MDG-F focuses on three features that distinguish it from other international ... full view »


Two Roads, One Goal: Dual Strategy for Gender Equality Programming

This document present the initial findings of the UNDP and UN Women’s analyses of 13 targeted joint programmes that promoted gender equality as a central goal, and a gender-mainstreaming effort within 117 MDG-F joint programmes that ... full view »


Lessons Learned in MDG-Fund Thematic Window Private Sector and Development. Providing Valuable Knowledge to Future Interventions in Developing Countries

This study aims to provide knowledge and substantial insights to future interventions in developing countries in developing countries regarding the design, management and implementation processes of private sector development-related ... full view »


Making Joint Gender Programmes Work. Guide for design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

This guide sets out how to improve the design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of joint gender programmes (JPG). It helps address some of the less tangible areas that are often constraints to JGP success, such as power dynamics ... full view »


Faces of Hope. Success stories from the joint programme "Engaging Tunisian Youth to Achieve the MDGs"

full view »


IMPACT ASSESSMENT: Joint Programme on Green Production and trade to increase income and employment opportunities for the rural poor

This report details the processes behind a programme that increased income, enhanced productivity and created a significant number of jobs throughout the handicraft supply chain in Northern Vietnam. The programme applied a value chain approach ... full view »


Sistematización del Programa Conjunto Industrias Creativas Inclusivas

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The Best Practices and Lessons Learned on The “MDG‐F Joint Programme: Supporting Gender Equality and Women’s Rights in Timor‐Leste”

This documentation presents 7 case studies implemented under the MDG-F Joint Programme ‘Supporting Gender Equality and Women’s Rights in Timor-Leste’ from which lessons can be drawn as good practices, enhancement, ... full view »


Gender-based Violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

One of the gender impacts of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is the wider prevalence of gender-based violence (GBV) as a phenomenon in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), which is expressed in different forms and structurally entrenched ... full view »