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Plan de Acción Interesectorial de Entornos Saludables -Países del Entorno de Popayán Departamento del Caucacón Énfasis en los Resguardos Indígenas del Poblazón y Quintana y Territorio Campesino de Asocampo y Asoproquintana

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EH Governance and Management

This report has as its primary focus the identification of the Capacity Building measures necessary to prepare China and, in particular, the Ministry of Health for adaptation and mitigation policy and practice to address the public health ... full view »


Evaluation of Workforce Competency and Training Needs on Environmental Health

The Chinese government recognizes the need to enhance environmental and health management systems in order to prepare for expected impacts of climate change in the future. An intensive workforce training program is urgently needed for local ... full view »


Health Impact, Adaptation Strategies and Research Priorities

This report observes the change in the climate and estimates the trend of climate change in the future in China. It also analyses its associated health impacts and provides an overview of an adaptation strategy and addresses research priority ... full view »


Climate Change and Health Training Manual

This training manual was created to assist practitioners in the implementation of the UN Joint Programme in coordination with the Chinese government. This manual provides an overview of the programme and helps practitioners understand the ... full view »


Resource Manual to Support Training in China

The manual was developed to support training workshops conducted in four pilot Provinces in China as part of the MDG Joint Program on Climate Change. The Resource Manual provides 1) Strategic planning techniques suitable for local ... full view »