The MDG-F operated through three primary accounts:

  • A Global Account of approximately US$ 24 million provided additional funds to the core budgets of a select number of UN agencies. This accounted for 3% of MDG-F resources.
  • The Delivering as One UN Account provided contributions ranging from US$ 1 to 4 million to the Coherence funds in the eight ‘One UN’ country pilots: Mozambique, Tanzania, Rwanda, Cape Verde, Pakistan, Vietnam, Albania and Uruguay. This account had a maximum allotment of US$ 68.5 million, which represented 8% of MDG-F resources.
  • Country Account was the largest of these accounts, in which 59 countries (included in the Spanish Cooperation Plan) were eligible to submit 2-3 year Joint Programme proposals in 8 thematic windows: Gender; Climate Change; Culture and Development; Economic Governance; Youth Employment and Migration; Peace and Conflict Prevention; Children, Nutrition and Food Security; and Private Sector and Development. A total of US$700 million was allocated to this account, representing 85% of MDG-F resources.

The Secretariat ran on an operating budget of 3% of overall MDG-F funds for the period from 2007 to 2013.

The following diagrams illustrate how the MDG-F country resources were distributed amongst the eight programme areas, as well as the different regions where we were active.

Further information can also be found in the  Multi-Partner Trust Fund annual report.