Governance Structure


The Governance of the MDG-F was reflected in a fairly light structure at the global level, with a two-member Steering Committee, a Secretariat, and Technical Subcommittees (TSC) led by UN Agency Convenors who were responsible for coordinating the review of proposals for funding submitted to the MDG-F.

The role of the Secretariat, in addition to supporting the Steering Committee, was essential in ensuring the operationalization of the MDG-F Framework and all the country programmes. The Secretariat also played an important role in guaranteeing transparent processes, establishing clear criteria with the TSC and improving the quality of Joint Programme formulation. The Secretariat represented the link between the Steering Committee and participating countries, providing guidance and day-to-day support. The Multi-Partner Trust Fund, which also sits at the global level, was the Administrative Agent for the MDG-F and provided financial and reporting services.

At the national level, there was usually a three-layer structure that helped to coordinate the implementation of wide-reaching and often complex programmes. These are illustrated in the diagram below, and consisted of the Programme Management Unit, the Programme Management Committee and the National Steering Committee. UN Resident Coordinators (UNRCs), Governments and Spain came together in the latter, providing a space in which they were represented by one voice at the country level.

MGD-F Governance Structure