Country story


"I am an indigenous woman, and I do not practice FGM"

An MDG-F-supported programme to empower and protect women in Colombia is working with the government to end the practice of female genital mutilation among the indigenous Embera Chami people.

Weaving peace in Colombia

The MDG-F is improving livelihoods by reviving traditions in a country where large social gaps are obstacles to development and peace.

Rescuing traditions through the airwaves

The indigenous people of Colombia’s Nariño province have found a new ally in their efforts to preserve their culture -- the air waves.

Youth take aim at poverty in Colombia

The MDG-F invites youth from Colombia’s Chocó region to aim their cameras at their communities’ richness and diversity, and look for ways to move out of poverty and build a better future together.

Assessing Climate Change Vulnerabilities in Colombia’s Indigenous Communities

Carina Bolaños, a 24 year old girl from Paletará, is spending a lot of time these days learning about the potential impacts of climate change on the livelihoods of her community of 520 families.