Country story


Helping rural communities adapt to climate change in Chicualacuala district of Gaza province, Mozambique

Life has become increasingly difficult for Lurdes and the other 45,000 people living in Chicualacuala, one of the driest and most isolated districts in the Mozambique.

Mozambique’s Pioneering Cultural Management Information System takes another step forward

Currently in Mozambique there is no consolidated information system that brings together all the data about the cultural sector in one place. The development of the Cultural Management Information System will ensure Mozambique’s ability to facilitate the collection and analysis of relevant data, monitor culture sector developments, and provide a public window to Mozambique’s rich cultural diversity.

MDG-F helps to preserve Mozambique musical tradition

A joint UN programme is assisting musicians and instrument-makers to replant endangered trees used in the production of the "Timbila", a UNESCO masterpiece of human heritage.

The Power of Traditional Knowledge: how it is helping to preserve cultural heritage, the environment and provide income for local communities in Mozambique

An exploration of MDG-F activities which aim to strengthen links to traditional knowledge in the context of agricultural production and forestry management in Mozambique.

Strengthening the Capacity of the Mozambican Government in Developing Successful Strategies for Craft Sector Development

UNESCO, one of six partner agencies on the Joint Programme, facilitated a workshop on ‘Market Access for Artisans’ and a professional exchange mission to South Africa to strengthen awareness of opportunities and strategies for growth of the craft sector in Mozambique.

Understanding the Role of Culture in Sexual and Reproductive Health in Mozambique

The MDG-F Joint Programme is piloting a new approach which takes into account social and cultural aspects in the area of Sexual and Reproductive Health in Mozambique.

UNHCR and UNESCO help create "living museum" in Mozambique camp

A UNHCR story on one of the cultural programmes jointly being implemented with UNESCO.