The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedoniaflag

Capital Skopje
Population 2 million
Life Expectancy 74.68
Access to clean water n/a
Adult literacy 96.1%
Under five mortality 9.01 per 1,000 live births
GDP per head (US$ PPP) $9,100
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Our Joint Programmes

Enhancing Inter-Ethnic Community Dialogue and Collaboration in FYR Macedonia
Inter-ethnic community cohesion and dialogue are central to the development of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, which has faced social, political and economic challenges since its independence in 1991, including an inter-ethnic conflict in 2001. The Joint Programme worked to promote a multi-cultural civic identity within the country, establishing systems to link local and national mechanisms dealing with inter-ethnic relations and building conflict resolution expertise.


Students in FYR Macedonia build a multi-ethnic future

In FYR Macedonia, where schools and classrooms are increasingly segregated along ethnic lines, Kicevo's Sande Sterjoski Primary School is an unusual place.


Young Macedonians reach across ethnic divides

Ethnic Macedonians, Albanians and Roma gather at an MDG-F-supported conference to break down cultural barriers and learn how to live together in a multi-cultural society.