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Measuring political commitment for food and nutrition security

Low political commitment to food and nutrition security has been recognized as a key barrier to the scale-up of effective interventions to improve nutrition. This executive summary outlines the results from the application of a rapid ... full view »


Best Practices and Lesssons learned. Joint programme on Children, Food Security and Nutrition in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places for a child to be born. Its mortality rate for children younger than 5 years is ranked second in the world. Twenty five percent of children die before reaching their fifth birthday and more than ... full view »


Addressing Malnutrition Multisectorially

A multisectoral approach to nutrition was a central tenet of nutrition programming in the 1970s but was considered, at the time, overly ambitious and too dependent on other sectors reluctant to be coordinated. The approach has, however, ... full view »


Joint Programmes for Food and Nutrition Security

This review focuses on nutrition-sensitive agricultural activities among the MDG-F joint programmes. This paper aima to 1) provide policymakers and practitioners with an overview of how the joint programmes (JPs) integrated agricultural and ... full view »


Role of food security and nutrition interventions in empowering women

In response to the high levels of food insecurity and under nutrition among women and young children in Bangladesh, the World Food Programme (WFP), Food and Agricultural organization (FAO) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) ... full view »


Integrated data monitoring and referral systems for community-based management of acute malnutrition (CMAM) in Mozambique

In many countries, the treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) takes place in dedicated feeding centres and during emergency situations. In Mozambique, however, the treatment of SAM has always been integrated within the regular health ... full view »


Point of use complementary food fortification with multiple micronutrient powders in the Philippines

This case was conducted to document the program implementation in retrospect, in Zamboanga City and in the Municipality of Aurora, Region IX, Philippines. Specifically, the study aimed to (1) describe the conceptual and operational mode of ... full view »


Ying Yang Bao: Improving complementary feeding for China’s children

Ying Yang Bao (YYB) are micronutrient sachets developed by Chinese scientists that are an in-home complementary food supplement. They were developed in order to improve the health and nutrition status of children in rural China.

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“Growth with Decent Work for All: National Youth Employment Programme and Pilot Implementation in Antalya

This United Nations Joint Programme was launched in December 2009 to reduce unemployment among youth and to promote the labour force participation of young women, in particular, and continued until December 2012. It was considered a success in ... full view »


"National Youth Employment Programme Growth with Decent Work for All: National Youth Employment Programme and Pilot Implementation in Antalya" Migration and Employment: Working Life in Central Antalya.

This project is a quantitative and qualitative study which aims to help increase employment among youth in Turkey and ensure that youth enter the workforce through decent work. Key priority sectors were identified that bear a potential for ... full view »