“Growth with Decent Work for All: National Youth Employment Programme and Pilot Implementation in Antalya

Sub thematic area Decent Jobs
Country Turkey
Type Case study
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This United Nations Joint Programme was launched in December 2009 to reduce unemployment among youth and to promote the labour force participation of young women, in particular, and continued until December 2012. It was considered a success in that appropriate job skills’ training workshops reached many unemployed youth in Antalya and both the national and local governments plan to support these initiatives going forward.

A major strength of the programme was that each UN organization mobilized its technical capacity and expertise in close contact and collaboration with public and private agencies in Antalya and this resulted in the sound development of short, medium and long-term plans and strategies. Additionally, it supports the idea that, to ensure the sustainability of the program, UN agencies must work with all stakeholders to jointly develop a Sustainability and Exit Strategy.

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