Music, crafts and learning



The band Madera Metálicos emerged in 1997 from the school of music and dance of the legendary Santa Roncón, a key figure in the transmission of Afro-Ecuadorian culture.


The group blends traditional music with metallic sounds, without losing its identity and culture. It also carries a strong social responsibility towards youth, which it tries to steer away from drugs and violence through a school which the band supports with its own resources, the research it carries out to deepen the knowledge of traditional culture and the production of handicrafts and musical instruments.


"We have received training in the management of cultural projects and now we're on TV, on the radio, our families have prestige,” says Daniel Preciado, one the band’s leaders, on the right. “We have traveled to Switzerland, Germany, Colombia, Peru and soon we’ll go to the United States, Paraguay and Italy. We’ve become strong and well organized.”

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