Assessment Report on Effective Mentoring Practices and Practitioners



This document tackles one of the two development issues in the water supply sector; the lack of local capacities to develop, operate and manage potable water utilities. The aim of this program, implemented by the Philippine Government and United Nations partners, is to establish investment support mechanisms for poor communities to improve efficiency, access, affordability and quality of potable water while enhancing local capacities to develop, operate and manage water utilities through mentoring and coaching strategies.
This study contains three parts: first, the assessment of the effectiveness of four mentoring and coaching frameworks (the “godfather” scheme, the service agreement between Water Supply provider’s method, the twinning arrangement method, and capacity building through government facilities method) currently practiced in the water supply and sanitation sector. Their evaluation is based on relevance, performance and success. Then, the best practices in water services delivery and, finally, conclusions and study recommendations with an implementation mechanism.

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