Eurobarometer Public Opinion in Bosnia and Herzegovina



The main purpose of this research was to examine and evaluate the ways in which B&H citizens think and behave in the area of culture and cultural activities, as well as to measure specific indicators that will allow the monitoring of changes and evolvement of cultural values in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This report examines the following themes: 1) How the citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina define the concept of culture and evaluate its relevance to their everyday lives, 2) Use of Internet and other forms of media, especially in relation to cultural activities, as well as viewing/listening habits, 3) Cultural activities that Bosnians tend to engage in and the extent to which they do so, while also examining the barriers, in terms of limited access to or a limited offer of cultural programs and activities, and 4) Attitudes toward the diversity of B&H culture and views of cross-culturalism and

The results are analyzed for each question individually, breaking it down in terms of municipalities and socio-demographic variables where differences are found to be significant. Subsequently, the results are also evaluated in comparison to the Eurobarometer average for corresponding topics.

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