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This Water, Sanitation and Health Project Implementation Manual (WSHPIM) describes the procedures to be followed in the project cycle for the Water, Sanitation and Health Sector and displays the basic principles, standards and criteria that should be applied by all the stakeholders involved.
Chapter 1 sets forth the institutional framework of the WSHPIM. Chapter 2 contains basic principles to be adopted by all the institutions, funding sources, and organizations involved in the development of WSH programs and/or projects in the area. Chapter 3 describes the intervention model for sector governance, including stakeholders’ roles and skills, financial policy and sector information system. Chapter 4 establishes the types of projects, eligibility criteria and investment implementation models. Chapter 5 is aimed at WSH project cycle implementation in the Caribbean Coast. Finally, the document includes the approaches and strategies to be adopted in the sector, regardless of the funding sources.

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