Operationalizing Gender Aspects in the Creative Industries Support Programme

Sub thematic area Creative Industries
Country Cambodia
Type Study
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The document analyses gender aspects in the value chains targeted by the MDG-F’s Creative Industries Support Program (CISP) by identifying the issues affecting gender equality. The first section provides an overview of the situation of women in the economy, the second chapter includes the analysis of the value chains supported by CISP and a summary of few stakeholders engaged in gender and women entrepreneurship development. The third section incorporates the conclusions of the focus group discussions and the interviews conducted. Finally, the last part contains recommendations and actions that if implemented would improve CISP’s impact on achieving gender equality in the cultural industries value chains.

Even if challenges met by women are usually the same as men but still, women are worse off due to less access to education and training, gender discrimination, and gender norms that assign women a lower status than men. Special consideration should be given to these women who have demonstrated success and should be used as role models, increasing the recognition and respect for women’s contribution to the overall economy.

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