Training Manual on Peer Education for Youth Migrants

Sub thematic area Youth Training
Country China
Type Manual
Download English


This manual was part of a 3-year joint initiative of the UN and the Chinese Government called, “Protecting and Promoting the Rights of China’s Vulnerable Migrants. Its objectives were to support the Chinese Government to promote the protection of the rights and interests of internal migrant workers.

The manual was developed based on the rich experiences in peer education that UNFPA gained through implementing migrant youth intervention projects in China. Being young and mobile, and exposed to opportunities and challenges in a new environment, migrant youth are easily influenced by their peers. Peer education makes use of this peer influence to promote positive changes on behaviors among them.

This manual is a training tool to guide the development and implementation of health promotion programs targeting migrant youth. It is designed in order to conduct systematic training for program staff before launching peer education intervention projects.

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