Community guide Ronny Cox


Photographer: Daniel Rodriguez
Location: Jatuncocha Lagoon

"I took this picture because I wanted to find a way to represent the wisdom of this community guide and the way he communicated it through the little stories that he told. I wanted an image to embody the generosity that a person can demonstrate without asking for anything in return. I wanted to have a memory of this person who, without even meaning to, managed to convey a lot of wisdom, to open a rift between nostalgia and hope."

The Kichwa people are the largest indigenous group in the Yasunì National Park area and live along the banks of the Napo River. The Kichwa are actually a merger of many ancient peoples of the area: the Omaguas, the Sapara, the Huitotos and Encabellados. They speak a language which was spread by Jesuit missionaries as a way to bring together the various people of the Amazon basin.

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