Sunset from a kapok tree


Photographer: Cristian Moreno
Location: Tiputini Biodiversity Station

"This photograph highlights the contrast of an evening full of color with the intensity of the dark jungle, a sight that can be seen from the top of a majestic kapok tree that rises above the forest canopy. A landscape like this is hard to see in a world where most forests are made of concrete -- which is why we have to preserve forests like the Yasuní, putting aside economic interests and instead realizing how privileged we are to have places like this, and at the same time how responsible we are for keeping these areas free of pollution.”

In 1979, the government of Ecuador established the Yasuní National Park to protect the tropical rainforest of the Amazon. In 1989, following concerns about the impact of the oil industry, it was recognized by UNESCO as the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve. Home to a vast number of plant and animal species as well as several human tribes still living in isolation, the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve - a region of almost 10,000 km2 - has been deemed by scientists to contain the greatest biodiversity per unit of area on the planet.

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