Capital Hanoi
Population 86.9 Million
Life Expectancy 71.58
Access to clean water 62 %
Adult literacy 90.3 %
Under five mortality 22.88 per 1,000 live births
GDP per head (US$ PPP) $2,800

Our Joint Programmes

Integrated Nutrition and Food Security Strategies for Children and Vulnerable Groups in Viet Nam
Despite the fact that Viet Nam has achieved a significant reduction in malnutrition among children under five, malnutrition remains a public health priority. Strong regional disparities in nutritional status persist and vulnerable groups are facing additional challenges of higher food prices, the impact of the financial crisis and natural disasters. The Joint Programme worked with the government to reduce the prevalence of malnutrition among under-fives and to prevent future malnutrition. 
Viet Nam Joint Programme on Gender Equality
One in three ever married Vietnamese women reports having suffered physical or sexual violence at the hands of her spouse. This Joint Programme worked with the government to build gender equality and combat gender-based violence by strengthening capacity for reporting, gender analysis, sex disaggregated data collection and monitoring.
Green Production and Trade to Increase Income and Employment Opportunities for the Rural Poor
Despite an almost 80 % drop in its poverty rate over the last 15 years, Vietnam continues to struggle with significant inequalities, particularly in rural areas. This Joint Programme's goal was to increase incomes and work opportunities for producers of handicrafts and growers and collectors of raw materials for craft production. It targeted 4,000 poor farming and crafts producing households in the four northern provinces of Vietnam, including families from ethnic minorities such as the Thai, Muong and H’mong.


Vietnam leads drop in child malnutrition

WHO/UNICEF say underweight rates in children under five fell from 44 % in 1994 to 17 % in 2010, the fastest drop in the region.


MDG-F-supported Vietnamese businesswoman wins global UNCTAD award

Prize honours women entrepreneurs from developing countries who have founded successful firms, created jobs and become role models in their communities.


New study shows high prevalence of domestic violence in Viet Nam

One in three, or 34 percent, of ever-married women report that they have suffered physical or sexual violence from their husbands at some time in their lives, according to the National Study on Domestic Violence Against Women in Viet Nam, launched today by the Government of Viet Nam and the United Nations.



MDG-F sharply boosts breastfeeding in Vietnamese villages

Nearly one in three mothers now nurse their newborns thanks to a programme to reduce child malnutrition.


High-yield crops help Vietnamese farmers

An MDG-F-provided mulberry variety produces bigger and better leaves to feed income-boosting silkworms.


Reducing poverty among Vietnam’s craft producers

Vietnam has a long tradition of handmade crafts, but the rural families that produce them are among the country’s poorest. The MDG-F is assisting Vietnamese craft businesses to become more competitive, and boosting incomes for rural craft producers.