Training Manual on Social Marketing Approach

Sub thematic area Youth Training
Country China
Type Manual
Download English


This manual was part of a 3-year joint initiative of the UN and the Chinese Government called, “Protecting and Promoting the Rights of China’s Vulnerable Migrants. Its objectives were to support the Chinese Government to promote the protection of the rights and interests of internal migrant workers.

The manual is part of an effort to use social marketing as a way to increase young migrants’ health knowledge and risks awareness, as well as to improve their access to and utilization of health services. It can be used to organize systematic training for staff of government and NGOs on social marketing interventions. Users will be able to differentiate social marketing from commercial marketing and gain insight into the importance of an audience-centered approach, e.g., the need to help targets analyze the costs and benefits of a behavior as opposed to telling them right from wrong. Project Management skills will be developed and the ability to conduct a “Situation Analysis” is an expected outcome as well.

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