Capital Kinshasa
Population 68.6 million
Life Expectancy 54.36
Access to clean water 46%
Adult literacy 67.2%
Under five mortality 81.21 per 1,000 live births
GDP per head (US$ PPP) $300

Our Joint Programmes

Project to Support Stabilization and Conflict Prevention in North Kivu
The aim of the Joint Programme was to improve security and stability in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's troubled province of North Kivu. The programme  adopted a holistic and multi-sectoral approach to assist 70,000 returnees and victims of sexual violence to reintegrate into their communities and to equitably manage the natural resources that are at the heart of the conflict there – improving their ability to produce their own food, bring it to market and build their livelihoods.  


Peace and the Millennium Development Goals

As the world marks the International Day of Peace, the MDG-Fund is working in 19 conflict-prone countries to build peace and help achieve the MDGs.