Capital Bissau
Population 1.5 million
Life Expectancy 47.9
Access to clean water 57%
Adult literacy 42.4%
Under five mortality 99.82 per 1,000 live births
GDP per head (US$ PPP) $600

Our Joint Programmes

Promotion of a multi-level approach to child malnutrition
Although Guinea-Bissau has made progress in reducing its child mortality rate, one in 7 children still die before reaching the age of 5 and more than a quarter of all children under 5 are stunted. The UN Joint Programme “Promotion of a multi-level approach to child malnutrition” aimed at reducing child malnutrition and mortality by improving the country's capacity to monitor and treat malnutrition and by promoting better nutrition and food practices.
Strengthening Justice and Security Sector Reform in Guinea Bissau
Guinea-Bissau is one of the poorest countries in the world. Civil war, multiple coups and assassinations and protracted unrest have created profound political instability and extremely fragile institutions. The aim of the Joint Programme was to strengthen Guinea-Bissau's justice system and improve access to justice, particularly for women and the poor. It sought to foster national ownership, promote stability, improve the rule of law and public security and help reintegrate ex-combatants.


Reading, writing and tilling the soil

Across Guinea Bissau, students like these are improving their nutrition by cultivating school gardens - and then teaching their families and communities to have healthier diets.


MDG-F justice programme helps Guinea-Bissau girl avoid child marriage

In a country with a poorly-functioning justice system, new Access to Justice Centers are providing legal counsel, mediation and rights awareness training to thousands of people, particularly women and the poor.