Environment and Climate Change


Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Progress on the MDGs can only be sustained by a healthy planet.

Environmental issues have been increasingly visible in the development agenda in the last few decades. The loss of forests and other natural habitats, overexploitation of natural resources, chemical contamination and lack of safe water and sanitation in a large proportion of the developing world continue to affect societies and hinder development.

Progress on the MDGs can only be sustained by a healthy planet. Poor people’s livelihoods rely heavily on natural resources, and environmental changes and fluctuations often have a devastating effect on their ability to survive, preventing them from fully accessing basic services like water, sanitation and energy.

The MDG-F supported 17 programmes which improved local management of environmental resources, integrated sustainable development principles into national policy frameworks and strengthened communities’ ability to deal with the effects of climate change, particularly poor populations that are most vulnerable to climate change's impacts. 

These programmes contributed to the achievement of MDG 7 on environmental sustainability, particularly the target of integrating the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programs, and reversing the loss of environmental resources. In addition, the initiatives linked to other goals, such as contributing to the achievement of MDG 1 to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.


  • 1.4 million million citizens have organized themselves to effectively participate in natural resource management initiatives.
  • 231,500 citizens, 12,800 civil servants and more than 26,000 students participated in programmes to improve resilience to climate change.
  • 113,000 people gained access to improved sources of water.
  • 87,000 increased their capacity to adapt to climate change.

Click here for a complete report of the indicators and results achieved by the MDG-F’s 17 joint programmes on Environment and Climate Change. 

Success Stories


Analysis of key findings and achievements

This report captures the main achievements and experiences of the MDG-F’s programmes in this thematic window and presents their impact on the lives of communities across five regions. Prepared by an independent expert, the study is based on extensive desk reviews, interviews with selected joint programmes, and a thorough analysis and synthesis of inputs and contributions.

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Seeds of Knowledge

This booklet is a compilation of 24 lessons learned from the 17 MDG-Fund Joint Programmes that focus on environment and climate change. Each lesson learned is a history at the country level of the challenges faced and the successes achieved in protecting the environment. These experiences are also a part of an online knowledge base and are witness to humanity's efforts to adapt and to find solutions in the fight against climate change.

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