Capital Asuncion
Population 6.9 million
Life Expectancy 75.77
Access to clean water 77%
Adult literacy 94%
Under five mortality 24.68 per 1,000 live births
GDP per head (US$ PPP) $4,200

Our Joint Programmes

Strengthening the ability to define and apply water and sanitation policies
Paraguay struggles with considerable water and sanitation challenges. Only half of the poorest households have drinkable water, and only 10% of all sewage is treated. Paraguay's indigenous communities are particularly badly off: only 6% of households have drinking water, and only 3% have access to sanitation. The Joint Programme was aimed at increasing access to sanitation and potable water, with an emphasis on dispersed rural communities and indigenous populations.
Economic Capacities and Opportunities for Social Inclusion
This Joint Programme worked with the government of Paraguay to overcome youth employment challenges and their impact on migration, and laid the foundation for the implementation of a national policy on youth employment. The primary focus was domestic workers and disadvantaged youth at risk of migrating.


Clean water out of reach for native peoples

60% of indigenous households in Paraguay use surface or rainwater because they are not connected to piped water.



"We're learning a lot, and the programme is teaching us to love ourselves"

The MDG-F is working in Brazil and Paraguay to improve living conditions for domestic workers, a vulnerable group that has spent decades fighting for recognition of its rights.